Raft Wars 2

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Raft Wars 2

Raft Wars 2 is the upgraded version of Raft Wars – one of the very special shooting games. In the game, players join in the shooting battle on the sea. When you play raft wars game, you can calculate the height, the field of view, fire power to kill your opponents.

In the Raft Wars game, the story of the game is about Simon and Paul, who are brothers. They found out treasures on the beach and hid them in a secret place in their island. When they came back after a long time, somebody had built a water park there, where they had hidden their treasures.

raft wars 2

The mission of the game is to help Simon and Paul find their lost treasure in this upgraded version Raft Wars 2.

Levels in Raft Wars

After downloading the game to your computer, click “Go” on the screen to start the game. Then, click “Play”. You can pass the game introductions, you can click “Skip” in the lower right corner of the screen to start the game immediately. Raft Wars 2 has 12 levels and a finale battle.

  • Level 1: The Paint Bucket. In this level, players have to overturn the paint bucket to the pools of the water park.
  • Level 2: Security Trouble. Your mission in this level is to defeat two security guards.
  • Level 3: Greedy Neighbors. Your opponents in this level are the greedy neighbors who are sneaking to the water park to steal Simon brothers’ treasure.
  • Level 4: The Shrimp Mascot. There are 2 opponents to defeat: Shrimp Mascot and the security guard.
  • Level 5: The Waterslide. In this level, you have to beat 3 security guards to pass the level.
  • Level 6: Heli Attack. There are 4 security guards, 2 of them are on the helicopter and the others are on the ground. Your mission is to defeat them.
  • Level 7: Angry Builders. What makes this level so difficult to pass is that you have to beat 3 builders. The 3 builders are hard to be beaten because their weapons are hammers and their shields are crane machines.
  • Level 8: Octomom. There are 9 opponents for you to beat in this level. However, do not afraid of such a big number, because you can easily knock them down due to chain effect of the bullets. You can kill many of targets with only one bullet.
  • Level 9: Korean Whalers. In this level, there are some new opponents: 4 Korean Whalers.
  • Level 10: Drone Attack. Your opponents in this level are 1 security guard and 2 egg-shooting helicopters. The helicopter shoots 3 eggs to players at a time.
  • Level 12: Turtle Warriors. You have to defeat 4 turtle warriors, which is very difficult to defeat. In this level, weapons of the turtle warriors are grenades.
  • The final battle: The Big Explosion. In the battle, your opponents are 3 egg-shooting helicopters and a whale on the ground.
    In each level, there are different opponents with different challenges. You can use a rocket launcher with bullets that are tennis balls to shoot at your opponents. You and your enemies take turn to shoot at each other. Who falls into the water first will be the loser.

Walkthrough of Raft Wars 2

Use your mouse to aim at your targets and click the left mouse to shoot at them. Everytime you shoot, you can use the line of red dots as your hint to adjust your shot, so that the shot will be more fantastic.

raft wars-2

After completing the mission in each level, click on the screen to move to the next level. Between levels, you can collect the awards when you play the raft wars game, and you can also upgrade you character and its weapons by using the money you have earned in the battle. The rocket launcher and its default bullets are tennis balls, but you can upgrade them or replace them by rockets or grenades by the money you earned in the game. Click on the rocket in the left corner to choose what kind of rocket that you want to use.

Raft Wars 2 is a free shooting game. It is very cute, funny and suitable with kids. This game is easy to control, but players have to be skillful at shooting to win the game. The only thing that makes it difficult is calculate the fire power and trajectory of the bullets to shoot right at the opponent.

Play Raft Wars 2 now and try it. It is so interesting that you can be blown away.
Have fun with Raft Wars 2!

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